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If your Car Won’t Start, we will make it as good as new, after a rigorous preventive or corrective maintenance, with professional experts of all vehicle brands in an independent workshop, to give you a fair price and an excellent service.

High quality service technicians

Full Service Maintenance

We provide full-service maintenance for all domestic and foreign vehicles in different areas of Albuquerque.

Experienced mechanics

Complete Repair

If you live in Albuquerque, we are the mechanic for you. We provide complete auto repair for all foreign and domestic cars.

Lubrication and oil

Quick and complete oil change

Your engine oil is critical to a reliable engine. By changing your oil according to manufacturers’ specifications you can get a longer life from your vehicle.

Car Won´t Start Mobile Mechanic Albuquerque offers a wide variety of products and services to meet almost any automotive repair or maintenance need. The following is a partial list of our most common services. We offer everything from new tire installation to brake service, wheel alignment and much more.

  • Alternator Replacement Battery
  • Replacement Brake Caliper
  • Replacement Brake Pad
  • Replacement Diagnostic Service
  • Emissions Failure Repair Ignition
  • Coil Replacement Oil and Filter
  • Radiator Replacement
  • Serpentine Belt Replacement
  • Spark Plugs Replacement Starter
  • Replacement Thermostat
  • Replacement Timing Belt
  • Replacement Transmission Fluid

Car won't start help near me Albuquerque NM | Car won't Start Mobile Mechanic Albuquerque 

Looking for car wont start help near Albuquerque  New Mexico? If your car won’t start, our mobile mechanics can help you diagnose the problem and get it fixed. Car is not starting Inspection Service. A car that fails to start is a rare occurrence in this age of greatly improved efficiency and reliability. Call today! 24 hour emergency mobile mechanic in Albuquerque NM!


It is frustrating when your car won’t start and unfortunately almost every car owner has experienced this at some time. It may be hard to figure out if a car isn’t starting but there are some symptoms that will give you an idea of which part is bad.

If you try and start your car and nothing happens it might mean the cables are corroded and need to be replaced. Clicking when turning the key indicates different problems, one click usually means a bad starter, but multiple clicks is a bad battery. When a car is cranking but won’t start it is probably an issue with the fuel system, but a car that starts and keeps dying may have an issue with the carburetor or fuel injection system.


A car that fails to start is a rare occurrence in this age of greatly improved efficiency and reliability. But it still happens occasionally, and the advanced electronic technologies that have made cars better have also made the job of roadside diagnosis difficult, if not impossible, for even reasonably handy owners. One of our expert mobile mechanics can provide an expeditious diagnosis and provide a quote for any necessary repairs.


One of the worst ways to start your work day is to get in your car to head to the office and have the vehicle decide it doesn’t want to take you there. There are numerous reasons a vehicle may not start, but depending on the symptoms it can be fairly easy for a professional auto repair technician to diagnose the issue. These are some of the most common causes of automotive no-start situations.

Dead Battery

If your car has not had any previous symptoms of starting issues than it is probably due to a dead battery. This is one of the most common reasons a car will fail to start. The battery can die due to lights or other accessories being left on, and since the battery is what provides the power to get the car running nothing will happen when you turn the key if it is dead. Thankfully you’ll likely just need a jumpstart to get back on the road.

Failing Starter

Certain noises can tell you a lot about an issue. If you turn the key and only hear a click, or a series of clicks then it is probable that your car’s starter is actuating but not engaging with the flywheel. This generally means that your car is due for a starter replacement.

Bad Alternator

The alternator is what generates electricity while you drive and it stores excess electrical power in the battery in order to ensure the car will be able to start the next time you need it to. If you continue to need a jumpstart it may be because your alternator is not restoring your batteries power and it is time for a new one.

Faulty Ignition

When you turn the key in the ignition you create an electrical pathway that gets your car running. If that pathway is not being completed due to an ignition switch issue the car will crank but not fire, that is if the key will turn at all.

Fuel Delivery Problem

A car needs a spark, air, and gas in order to run. A clogged fuel filter won’t allow the fuel to pass in high enough quantities to be able to get to the engine to run. The fuel pump can also fail, meaning there is no way for the car to pump gas to the engine. If your vehicle fails to start don’t just let it sit, as the problem may only get worse. Call Car Wont Start Mobile Mechanic Albuquerque to have the car brought to the shop and get it repaired so you can get back on the road. If you need no-start repair in Albuquerque New Mexico contact the team at Car won’t Start Mobile Mechanic Albuquerque. We service all makes and models at our auto repair shop. To learn more or to schedule mobile auto repair in Albuquerque New Mexico give our team a call today.


Why won’t my car start but battery is good?

Check the Starter. … First, the starter can crank but the car will not start. This is usually due to battery failure, which is due to something being left on and causing the battery to drain. It could also be due to poor connections, damaged battery terminals, or a bad or dead battery.

What is wrong when you turn the key and nothing happens?

If nothing happens when you turn the ignition key to the “Start” position, it means that the starter motor doesn’t turn over the engine. Most commonly this could be caused by a dead battery; here is How to check the battery. … The ignition switch could be bad – it’s a common problem.

When your car won’t start but all the lights come on?

This is usually due to battery failure, poor connections, damaged battery terminals, or a dead battery. Another sign of your “car won’t start, but lights come on” issue is that you have to jiggle the key to start the car. This shows you have a bad ignition switch, and the solenoid is not being activated.


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