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Brake Caliper Replacement

Are you having problems with your brakes? You might be having issues with your brake calipers. These are one of three braking system components in your car. The brake calipers are critical in bringing your car to a complete stop. If they start failing, you could face some serious problems. These can be very expensive to fix if you need to replace them. 

What Is The Function Of A Brake Caliper?

The brake caliper is a part of the car that gives it the ability to stop. This is a critical piece of the brake system. This helps aid your car to come to a complete stop when you brake. It is essential to keep you safe when you are driving so you can come to a complete stop very quickly. 

How do the brake calipers work? These squeeze your car’s brake pads against the brake rotor surface. This process slows your car down. Think about the brake caliper like it is a clamp. The brake caliper clamps down to stop the entire system so the car can stop immediately. The caliper is made up of two metal plates. 

When you need your car to stop, you press down on your brakes. This activates the brake system. What happens during this system? The brake fluid in the master cylinder will create pressure on the pistons which are located in the brake caliper. Then the caliper pushes against the brake pads which presses on the car’s rotor. The rotor is attached to the car’s wheels.  This process slows the car down and eventually will stop the car.